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Litigation support services include written or oral reports used as evidence, and expert testimony at deposition and trial. Professional standards provide substantial flexibility to meet client needs. Evidence can be presented orally or in writing. Professional standards intentionally omit reporting requirements to allow the valuation expert flexibility in providing the service which best meets client needs.

Uses of Litigation Support

  • Evidence and expert testimony for valuation issues

What is Litigation Support? – Litigation support assists the legal team by providing testimony from a qualified expert. We work closely with the legal team to establish the assumptions and approach. We will prepare valuation models and report on the results. There is greater flexibility to meet client needs and fewer professional standards.

  • Written or oral report
  • No professional reporting standards
  • Prepared in support of client’s legal claims
  • Prepared by a Certified Valuation Analyst
  • Conforms to SSVS No. 1 and other industry standards

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