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When it comes to Taxes,
We believe it’s your money, and you deserve to keep it.

Have you received a notice from the IRS, Franchise Tax Board or another taxing agency? If so, you should call us immediately.

We help individuals and businesses resolve these problems


  • Occurs when the IRS has determined that you have unpaid taxes.
  • The IRS usually attempts to collect for several months prior to placing a lien
  • Most people with outstanding liens can’t obtain credit
  • Comes to you as registered mail in a white envelope with green print


  • Occurs if you ignore the IRS for too long
  • The final step in collection efforts
  • The IRS freezes bank accounts
  • The IRS takes the money from your account

Delinquent Return

  • Occurs when you fail to file
  • Easily corrected by filing the missing return
  • Can result in tax owed or a refund
  • Collecting information for the return is usually the hardest part

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