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A calculation of value is especially useful for valuing new, high growth businesses that have not yet become profitable. This product allows us to work closely with the client to prepare a valuation with especially high growth rates and other assumptions not supported by historical performance. It is prepared using assumptions and an approach established by the client, and thus is not independent. The reporting requirements are less stringent than an opinion or estimate of value, and there are less industry standards to follow. A calculation of value has many uses, including:

Uses of Calculation of Value

  • Establish pricing for buy/sell agreements
  • Establish pricing for sale of business
  • Strategic planning for divestiture or expansion
  • Establish value for options in non-public companies

What is a Calculation of Value? – A calculation of value is a report which concludes in a specific value or range of value for an ownership interest. We work closely with the client to establish the assumptions and approach. We will prepare valuation models and a report.  There is greater flexibility to meet client needs and fewer professional standards.

  • Exact value or range of value
  • Specific ownership interest (ex. – 25% non-controlling interest in XYZ Corp.)
  • Assumptions and approach established by client
  • Prepared by a Certified Valuation Analyst
  • Conforms to SSVS No. 1 and other industry standards

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