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When it comes to Taxes,
We believe it’s your money, and you deserve to keep it.

Contact us immediately if you have been contacted about an audit.

Audits are high risk and could result in a substantial tax bill. Our goal is to decrease risk and minimize the tax bill.

Types of Audit

  • Income Tax - IRS or Franchise Tax Board
  • Employment Tax – IRS or Employment Development Department
  • Sales Tax – Board of Equalization

What you do

  • Contact us to represent you
  • Speak with us before signing any documents from the auditor
  • Obtain documents and information needed for the audit

What we do

  • Review correspondence from the auditor
  • Gain an understanding of the purpose of the audit
  • Identify risk areas
  • Prepare information to be presented at the audit
  • Explain everything to you.

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