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Richard J. Nelson, CPA, CVA, MBA
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Dear Prospective Client,

The Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) credential is the most widely recognized professional certification held by CPAs who perform valuation services. Clients who hire a CVA can expect a valuation that conforms to widely recognized industry standards.

Attorneys and business owners use valuations to efficiently use estate tax exemptions, value changes in ownership, as expert testimony in lawsuits, and to establish pricing for buy/sell agreements. Accountants are required by FAS 141 and 142 to use valuations to allocate purchase prices for mergers and acquisitions. And, most ESOPs are required to have a professional valuation prepared annually.

There are a variety of valuation services available to you. It is important that you call me so that we can discuss your needs and I can recommend the product that is right for you.

Please consider these experiences as you select a valuation expert:

  • 12 years experience in valuation
  • 20 years experience as a CPA
  • Fortune 500 Financial Executive
  • MBA from USC
  • CPA at Ernst & Young

Please call me at (949) 679-1751 or send an e-mail for a free consultation to discuss the valuation product that best fits your needs. I offer competitive rates, quick response and outstanding customer service.

Best Regards,
Richard J. Nelson, CPA
Call (949) 679-1751 for a free consultation.

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